Close-up Magic

Being one of the few professional magicians majoring in close-up magic, Henry has brought joy and surprises to people in countless events, parties and banquets. He likes to use the simplest tools or even borrow objects from viewers to present a whole routine of incredible magic, creating zero-distance stun and amazement.

Want to add novelty to your events and build rapport in an instant? Henry’s exceptional miracles are the best choice!
  Stand-up Magic

Designed for events of medium to large scales, stand-up magic shows aim at captivating and interacting with the whole audience within a certain time frame.  Henry can plan around the nature of your event to create magic routines to fit your purposes. 

Treat your guests to some of Henry’s most intriguing magic performances and establish a joyous atmosphere for the gathering.
Henry's magic performance can act as a special feature in the form
of stage shows or strolling magic for different occasions.
Whether it's a:

- Commercial Activity -
- Wedding -
- Banquet -
- Special Event -
- Private Party